MTBC International Employee Benefits

Why have employee benefits with MTBC?


Mackenzie Taylor Benefits Consultants Limited (MTBC) is a leading professional in the field of employee benefits. We have been able to optimize different employee benefits to many different clients in both the UK and abroad.

Meaning that at MTBC we are able to manage and harmonize your benefits across the multiple countries that you are operating in, on your employee benefits.

What do we mean by international employee benefits


Here at MTBC, we find that if you are looking at either expanding your business internationally or renewing your employee benefits in different parts of the globe then we are able to help. MTBC has extensive experience in assisting with :

  • Pensions
  • Life assurance
  • Healthcare plans
  • Dental
  • Global EAP
  • Much more

MTBC has the ability to help your business to enhance its global employee benefits offering. So if your head office is in London, and you have other offices in other locations around the globe then MTBC are able to assist you with your international employee benefits.

Our past experience has taught us that its no longer just the big business’s who are operating on a multinational. With companies who have just 50 employees now seeing that in order for them to remain competitive in the world of business, then they need to have an international presence.




For businesses operating on an international level, the idea that you will be able to control all of the different employee benefits within your organization is a must-have. Meaning that for a company, you will be able to control costs, ensure employees happiness while making sure that you are complying with the different legislation’s that you need to offer in these different countries.



If you are now considering starting your international employee benefits programme, MTBC is the place to start. With dedicated consultants and account managers, we will be able to help you with all of your company’s employee benefits planning needs. Starting with a simple call to our office, our team here at MTBC International Employee Benefits will be able to assist you with this: +44 (0)121 236 9900

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